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Insurance excess cover

Allianz Global Assistance

Why do I need a car hire excess cover?

Most rental car companies hold you liable for the first part of the repairs or compensation costs, also known as the excess, if damage occurs to the car.
In almost all car rental companies you must provide a security deposit for the vehicle that you rent. If there any damage to the car the car rental company keeps that deposit. With Allianz's excess coverage you get all the money back and you can feel completely safe if an accident should occur.

Product information

If damage occurs Allianz will reimburse the insured the excess that the car rental company (or other insurance companies) will charge. The policy serves as a supplementary insurance for leased vehicles and covers the excess that will be charged as a result of damage or theft of the rented vehicle during the rental period. That an excess occurs is a prerequisite for reimbursement.

Allianz will pay up to £2,000 in total, for the reimbursement of the excess applied to your car hire insurance, if the insured vehicle is accidentally damaged, involved in an accident or stolen during the rental period.

Get the Allianz Global Assistance excess cover to your car rental!

Add the excess insurance to your car hire reservation in step 3 of your booking.

Allianz Assistance Group Profile

We’re Allianz Global Assistance. And we’re here to help. In fact we’ve been helping people for nearly sixty years. As the world leader in Travel Insurance, Assistance and Personal Services, we look out for you, 24/7, 365 days a year. You might be a traveller who has lost his luggage. Or the driver of an automobile that has broken down in the desert. Maybe you can no longer attend a concert you had tickets for, or you need sudden care at home. Perhaps you have broken your leg in a ski accident, lost your job, or are an elderly person with a chronic illness. For as many different possibilities and scenarios as there are people, we’re here to help you out of a situation, across the world, around the corner, or in your own home. Our job is to provide you, via your travel agent, car dealer, bank or insurance company, with fast, caring, quality services whenever you need them, wherever you are.

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You may very well ask how we could possibly be everywhere at all times in nearly all capacities? First it’s because we have more than 12,170 talented and dedicated employees. They speak 40 different languages in offices in 34 countries, across 5 continents. They work hand in hand with 180 correspondents and an extensive global network of 400,000 quality service providers, ranging from automotive technicians to medical experts, home repair men to legal advisors, and employment and retirement counsellors to social service workers. We rely on each others expertise and our shared mission of helping people to get the job done.

Today our group counts 250 million beneficiaries. That is roughly 4% of the world’s total population! We make 1 intervention every 2 seconds and assist 3,500 people every hour. In 2012 we answered 50 million calls and handled 20 million cases around the world.

It’s very important to us that we maintain a fine balance between our ever-growing international presence and our human dimension. Yes, our global reach is essential to meet the needs of our corporate customers and individuals too; but equally essential is our ability to apply cultural knowledge, understanding and sensitivity to local situations. We’re proud of our ability to do both.

Our Group is healthy and strong. In 2012, we generated sales of 2,238 million Euros with a net profit of 65.2 million Euros.

Allianz Assistance is a member of the Allianz Group.

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